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This page has links to important web resources which the LTA recommends and uses

Organizations  : IWLearn (International Waters Learning Exchange and Resource Network) : UN Water and Ocean Governance : NIGLAS


Previous projects on Lake Tanganyika

The Lake Tanganyika Biodiversity Project (LTBP) is a UNDP/GEF funded project that
took place from 1998-2006. Many of the documents important for the background of the
recent UNDP/GEF Project on Lake Tanganyika can be found on this site.
The Project on Research for the Management of the Fisheries on Lake Tanganyika took place
from 1992-xxxx. Many of the documents important for the background of the recent AfDB
funded actvities on the fisheries in Lake Tanganyika can be found on this site. : The Nyanza Project

Aquatic Biodiversity : about_freshwater/what_we_do_freshwater/pan_africa_freshwater_ba/freshwater_biodiversity_browser/

The Freshwater Biodiversity Browser is a simple interactive map which allows you to explore the biodiversity of Africa’s freshwaters, based on data collated through IUCN's Pan Africa Freshwater Biodiversity Assessment. Here you can view information about where species are found, how many are found there, and how they have been assessed by the IUCN Red List.

Invasive species

General : Global Invasive Species Database : Global Invasive Species Programme : The Silent Invasion : US National Invasive Species Council : Pacific Islands Perspective
Invasive species monitoring and management : Managers Toolkit : Invasive Plant Management : Development & research, Managing Invasive Species
Biological control : Australian experiences

Integrated Water Basin Management

The World Water Assessment Programme (WWAP), founded in 2000, is the flagship programme
of UN-Water. Housed in UNESCO, WWAP monitors freshwater issues in order to provide
recommendations, develop case studies, enhance assessment capacity at a national level and
inform the decision-making process. Its primary product, the World Water Development Report
(WWDR), is a periodic, comprehensive review providing an authoritative picture of the state of the
world’s freshwater resources.


Videos - Underwater in Lake Tanganyika - Trip to Lake Tanganyika - Lake Tanganyika: Back in the early days

Industry Documents
International Waters Review of legal and institutional frameworks


Resources: Agro-Forestry

Identify native vegetation species / approach for matching of tree planting materials to planting sites

Species information: ICRAF Agroforest tree database:

Resources: Biodiversity

GEF documents on Biodiversity:

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